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I needed a passport renewal quickly and turned to Premium novelty documents for help. Their service was fantastic from start to finish. Even though I only paid for "Expedited" service (10-12 business days), they had my renewal passport in hand in only 4 business days. And they kept me well informed throughout the process. I would use them again in a heartbeat. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Excellent service! My daughter needed a visa for Canada and the whole process was very quick and easy. We shopped around and Premium Novelty Documents is the best. Our daughter got her visa in one week and it was just “regular “ turn around time and cost way less than other places would charge. Jones is very pleasant, answered all the questions and super helpful. We are coming back to apply for our Canadian visas next week!
Incredibly responsive and easy to work with. I had my new passport within 48 hours for a very reasonable fee. Will definitely use them again when I need them, whether for passport issues or to obtain visas.
Visa services are one of those things where if the service is excellent, one notices nothing wrong. PND was smooth, fast, and communicated well with me. Their pricing is also great.
We worked with Steffen Quin in San Francisco for our passport renewal. Since we had excellent experience with PND in the past in handling many visas--some of them quite difficult-- we were confident that they would do a fine job. Mr. Quin exceeded all our expectations. After all our documents had been received he got our new passports in our hands in 10 days. We were astonished, since estimated times for passports were 4 to 5 weeks even with expedited service! Mr. Quin found a canceled appointment in San Francisco and shoehorned our order into that slot. We were grateful for the peace of mind he gave us in advance of foreign travel. We will continue to be loyal clients for this excellent service in the future.
I have been using PND for visas and passport renewals for years. Every time, they are prompt, communicative, responsive, and flexible. (E.g. I didn't realize that the visa I was requesting was only processed in NY, and had already completed all the paperwork and payment for the DC office. No problem. Solved via email instantaneously.) I absolutely LOVE that there is a person who is in charge of my passport and who I can contact for updates - but who most often contacts ME before I think to ask! All it took was one time using snail mail to be reminded why PND is worth the price.
I paid for the express service. Yes, it was more expensive but it was worth it. Mr Quin assisted me throughout the process. He reviewed my application, found a few errors, assisted me in getting them corrected. I was traveling when my Visa was ready. Mr Quin held it until I returned and then Fed exed the next morning to ensure I would be available when it arrived. While my timeline was not emergent but it was tight. I was kept informed throughout the entire process which greatly decreased my stress. I will definitely use this service again.
My PND representative was Andre Johnson. He phoned me the day after my overnight delivery to let me know my documents were successfully received. One MAJOR complaint: he incessantly interrupted me and/or talked over me. I literally pleaded with him at one point, "Sir, please, may I speak? May I speak?" but no, he continued to steamroll right over me. I urge Mr. Johnson to talk WITH his customers more and speak AT them less. I knocked off one star for this alone. I feel obliged to add that Mr. Johnson's tone of voice and the content of what he was trying to convey to me was entirely appropriate and he was sharing essential information with me. Otherwise, no complaints with PND--they are fine and reputable.
Very fast service. Applied for visa on Thursday and and received visa via email the following Monday. Application for the e visa took only about 30 minutes. Jones is knowledgeable and there is no hesitation on recommending premium novelty documents as a visa service provider.
Got our Visa's quickly and all was in order when we went through immigration in Russia. Will use this service again without hesitation.
They got us several Russian visas that were not easy, two tourist, two were business. First class service all the way.
Flawless and timely execution with good communication. Full marks, recommend without reservation.
Renewing your passport is complicated. PND made it a breeze. I spoke with an actual human representative on the phone who walked me through exactly what documents I needed to renew my passport and how to fill them out. And I received my passport, as promised, 2 weeks later. Thank you PND!
The consulate had problems with getting stickers for my visas. I believe in good faith PND did everything in their power to honor me getting my visa as soon as possible. I told PND I wanted my passport back, and a refund. They immediately shipped me back my documents and gave a full refund minus shipping cost for the return of my passport and documents.
I received my passport much easier than I thought I would. The process was very easy. The only reason why I knocked off a star was because when I called asking for clarification on their instructions, I spoke to 2 different people who I had to repeatedly tell I did not need a Visa and I never mentioned a Visa. Both answered the phone with a "yeah?", spoke over me before I even got my question out and gave me wrong information because they kept interrupting me before I completed a question. The most important part of communication is listening.
Paid a pretty good price for the service. Even went with the 8-10 business day option. A week after they received my documents, they sent me an email wanting to know if i had received them back, with options: Yes, No, and ? (I forget this category). Only the YES button would do anything, The NO button and OTHER button were inactive. When my documents arrived, they were one day later than expected. But at least they did a good job and i received my documents in time for my departure.
They are true professionals & have helped me many times. From the most difficult situations they have always been there for me. They know the Buisness & will assist you in every need that you have. Thank you Jones for all your help.
I am happy by seeing such document service by the professional firm. I am recommending everyone get first class services offered by the friendly team. We are really happy to get this type of service from this professional firm.
I really wonder such services are offered by this company. They are providing high-quality services so I felt happy by seeing their guaranteed customer satisfaction. I also suggest everyone hire this professional company to undergo services better.
Getting documents for many things easily is my requirements. But now I am excited to see such services offered by the friendly team. I really enjoyed a lot and really surprising to get this service from this professional firm.
Now I can confidently tell my friends and colleagues that it is possible to buy a real IELTS certificate without Sitting for the exam. It is incredible how they do it all i did was write to them sent my certificates showing past English Studies and here i am i got my certificate.
​I previously got 6 in writing and had to sit for another exam in order to proceed with the UK’s NMC registration which required an International English Language Testing System band score of 7.0 in all areas. Thanks for updating my score online, I won’t have to sit for another exam session. Thanks so much for your services and time saved.
Thank you sirs for your amazing help. I receive my real IELTS Certificate today. Its really unbelievable. I had been cheated 3 times already before i met you You guys are awesome. I am now able to get the promotion at work. Be sure to hear from me soonest.
It was a pleasure to work with these guys because they know what to do perfectly well. More than that, they always kept me updated on the current situation, so that I was always calm about the whole procedure.