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Our company is registered at the department of state in Washington DC and is accredited by most of the government agencies in USA & Europe.

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About Us

We are a registered company, we can issue real(or fake) documents. Any country of your choice and age too. We offer quality identities at affordable prices. A proper identity with a legal date of birth is the key to succesful international travel as well as a convenient tool in the avoidance of the inconvenience of being searched at airports, borders and places of business not to mention the cost of lost time involved when being scrutinized by immigration officers.
We manufacture new genuine identities for people who wish to change their identity for whatever reason they choose to do so; the reasons are virtually endless and from escaping domestic violence, to avoiding corruption in business or government, or just getting out of a troubled marriage to simply starting over in a new life without your old history behinf you. We provide a total for our clients which includes a dossier of personal information which is mixed with false documents, this alone will make it impossible to trace our clients shoud that be necessary. We also have in stock a wide selection of high quality counterfeit identification documents which can be used for immigration purposes or for just changing your identity to travel under a different nationality.
We can manufacture almost any Novelty Documents For Sale. all we require is a professional photograph of yourself and details off identification documents you already own. Once we have all the information we need we will then create your new document using provided details and it is only when we receive payment for our services will we begin to manufacture your identification documents then send them over to you. The documents we produce are of high quality and forged to perfection using highly sophisticated equipment. All our products are scannable and produce a unique barcode which can be used for recognition / identification.

We create a new authentic identity using a combination of your own details and those of other people of the same gender, age and appearance who we have on file, we then insert these into your new passportand/or driver’s license / id card to create a totally believable and legit Novelty Documents For Sale.

Why Us?

Our documents can be accepted and registered in the databases of almost all countries worldwide. 

For identification protection purposes, all our documents have all necessary security features including holograms.

Our privacy policies protect customer identity and all our documents can be renewed by authorities. 

We have big team of competent experts who analyze and perform quality tests on all documents before they’re sent out.

We’re a 100% trustable and dependable company always striving to please our customers. 

We guarantee your satisfaction relating to authenticity and quality of the documents we produce.

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What We Do?

We make modifications to the document until you are satisfied.


High quality paper copy printed and delivered to you on 100gsm paper or Sage payslip paper.

Quality & Email

Documents are exact copies compared to the originals and PDF copy emailed to you within two days for you to print from home.

  • We can edit any existing document with the details you provide (Excluding documents with a hologram or specific paper).
  • Option to trade your original scans or documents in exchange for work from us.
  • Custom created templates created within 3 or 4 days depending on difficulty.
  • Receive PDF copies and a paper version in the post.
  • All of our products are designed to be used for theatrical, educational or novelty purposes only.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to abide by these teams and conditions and all relevant laws and legislation.
  • Although we provide fake documents, you must be the original owner of the documents. Anybody using the documents for any reason other than novelty use, will not be served.